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Brush Up wins award at Institute of Medicine!
BrushUp Budd

Form a healthy habit ...for life!

Help your children teach themselves to brush their teeth beautifully with our beloved characters, music and Selfie Assessment™.


Scientific trials have proven it works!

Supported by Science


Brush Up trains proper brushing technique. Children need this training. A study conducted by health scientists measured 78% improvement after two weeks of nightly gameplay.

Brush Up Scientific Study
Fun Follows Function

It's a toothbrush training game for kids using an iPhone, iPad or modern Android device. Budd teaches kids to brush better. And kids win by brushing just like Budd.

Brush Up Toothbrush Training Game
Proven by Parents


“My son really enjoyed the game. He was eager to brush his teeth every evening, and seemed to improve day by day.”


Brush Up Parents
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