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What People Are Saying about Brush Up

Parsing Patient Engagement: Better Compliance Or Better Decisions?

“...a personalized videogame to teach kids to properly care for their teeth. Call that approach, ‘Enabling compliance.’ ” (Forbes)

Kids Brush Up Contest

"...the game will hold your child’s attention until they have thoroughly brushed all those nooks and crannies that are so easy to miss." (Akron Ohio Moms)

Smartphone App Gets Kids to Brush Better

"Brush Up Budd is a toothbrush tutor who gives children feedback and teaches them to brush in a fun and innovative way." (Fairfield Dental Associates)

Brush Up: Toothbrush training with a game

"The child is the most significant person involved in the process when s/he is given the chance. Brush Up provides this chance and makes learning fun." (DentistryIQ)

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