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Hygienists speak out! –
Response at the 2014 meeting of American Dental Hygienist Association (Las Vegas)
"It really enforces what they need to do and how."
"It's a genius idea. I am so excited for my son to use it."
"It will be awesome!"
Parents speak out! –
Response from beta test families

“Overall, I feel a game like this would have a very positive impact on kids in an area that is somewhat difficult for parents to teach. I always wanted to help my children in this way, but I don't think I EVER learned the correct way as a child, but I WAS expected to teach my children. We go to the dentist every 6 months, but the game made learning how to brush fun.”


“[My son] loved the game. He learned how to start the game by himself after a couple of days. He was singing the song while he brushed and he would randomly want to play the game. Reminded us that he had to do his toothbrush game. I think it would be a great game for kids to play.”


“This game has made a lot of difference in the way my daughter brushes her teeth. She was so excited every night when she got to play [Brush Up] – a few times she reminded me in the morning that she needed to play the game that night. It lengthened the time she takes to brush her teeth, and this morning I heard her singing the song as she was brushing her teeth.”


"She also had her bear brush his teeth, and pretended to brush with a finger...she's a gamer kid what can I say? I will say it made her take more time brushing instead of rushing through it."

“She was so excited every night when she got to play.”
“The Game made learning how to brush fun”
“Reminded us that he had to do his toothbrush game”
"Made her take more time brushing"
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