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The Game

Brush Up is a toothbrush training game for children. You will learn proper technique while developing the motivation to keep brushing every single day.


Every night, you score points when you brush. The better you brush, the more points your earn.


Spend the points you earn to unlock in-game prizes. There are loads of virtual toys and decorations to add to the bathroom.

Meet Budd

Budd is the Toothbrush Tutor who teaches you to take care of what’s inside your mouth. His head is the perfect shape to let you see his fine brushing skills in action.


Brush Up with Budd.


He shows you what to do as you follow along. Prove how well you followed along with the Selfie Assessment.™ Budd sends Mom or Dad a message to tell them how well you did.

Budd Brushes Teeth
Selfie Assessment™
Test your skills

After brushing, test your skills through the Selfie Assessment™. Pick the video clip that shows you and Budd brushing together. Follow along with Budd to earn stars to spend on in game prizes!

Kids often only brush the parts of their mouth that are easy to see and easy to reach. The Selfie Assessment™ 
rewards children who carefully follow Budd all the way through the game, encouraging them to brush every tooth surface.





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