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Brush Up: Virtual Reality

Brush Up VR is a simple and exciting Toothbrushing challenge.


Find Budd's toothbrush. Find Budd. Brush his gunky teeth. 

Once you start, you have 60 seconds to get all the gunk!


When you play Brush Up VR, you are inside Budd's bathroom. The game is all around you. You are the hero of a life-sized cartoon world, and Budd needs you!


We previewed the game at the Entertainment Software Association's DC office, where it won the Kid's Choice award!


Brush Up VR requires the HTC Vive and 6x6ft of roomspace. The game will be available through Steam and the Viveport, launching on Feb 1 2017, in time for National Children's Dental Health Month.


To preview BUVR, please contact

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