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Brush Up on the Autism Spectrum

Some of our most enthusiastic parents are raising children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 


  • Brilliant app. My boy is autistic and he found teeth brushing really hard but this app helped him so much....
               Michelle Beale

  • This app really helps my 5 year old on the Autism spectrum and his little sister that copies everything he does 
              A Google user

  • This app has got my autistic 9year old brushing his teeth for the full 2mins, non stop, by himself for the first time! Amazing!

  • Helped my autistic child. I personally find the character creepy, but my daughter loves it.
               Pastel Dragon


NIH is encouraged by this response. So is the noted pediatric dental researcher Dr. Donald Chi.

He hopes to launch a proper scientific trial of the value of Brush Up for kids with ASD.

Such a trial may lead to powerful new learning techniques.

But before NIH will consider supporting this research, they need evidence that Brush Up works for most kids with ASD - not just the ones who wrote those great reviews.


If your child has ASD, please help us test Brush Up.

Thank you for offering to participate. Your details were sent successfully!

Participating families receive a free lifetime copy of Brush Up ($10 value) plus a $20 reward for completing a brief final review.

Only the first 12 to answer will be paid participants. 

Don't delay.   Sign up, now!

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