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Parents and Hygienists speak about Brush Up

“She was so excited every night when she got to play.”



“The Game made learning how to brush fun”



“Reminded us that he had to do his toothbrush game”

Brush Up receives recognition

Brush Up was recognized by the National Academy of Sciences as one of the top two innovators at the Institute of Medicine's global forum!

Others write about Brush Up

“...a personalized videogame to teach kids to properly care for their teeth. Call that approach, ‘Enabling compliance.’ ” (Forbes)


"...the game will hold your child’s attention until they have thoroughly brushed all those nooks and crannies that are so easy to miss." (Akron Ohio Moms)


"The child is the most significant person involved in the process when s/he is given the chance. Brush Up provides this chance and makes learning fun." (DentistryIQ)

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