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Budd Toothbrush
I want my kids to learn to brush by playing Brush Up.
Do they need that toothbrush?



Yes and no.


We have year-long studies that prove that children will learn – and retain – great brushing skills from Brush Up. These studies tested the game with children using a digital toothbrush.


If you want Budd to monitor your child's performance and provide individual coaching, you need Budd’s BlueToothbrush. No question.


If your device does not support Bluetooth Smart, you can use a version of the game with simpler, but less effective, instruction.

Brush-Up Game with Budd's BlueToothbrush  


Your child deserves the full learning experience. Brush Up works best when using the special-purpose electronic brush and its embedded sensor array to measure your child's brushing. With this package, you receive the game, Budd’s BlueToothbrush and two extra heads. The game responds as your child learns to brush along with Budd.



Brush-Up Game with Simple Budd Brush


The simple Budd Brush has all the charm and ergonomics but it has no electronics. It is the perfect companion to the Brush Up game for young fans who don't have Bluetooth Smart.


  • Your credit card will not billed until shipment

  • Game requires almost any Android or iOS device


Brush-Up Game - Software Only


You don't need the brush to play Brush Up. Budd still teaches and motivates – with fun game challenges.


  • Game requires almost any Android or iOS device


3 Extra Brush Heads


The Budd Brush and the BlueToothbrush come with two extra heads. This package includes 3 more toothbush heads.


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